Festivals, tapas and cocktails, trips to the beach, tan lines and good music… Summer is in the air and I couldn’t be happier! Since my exams are over, I have been enjoying this season to the fullest. Summer gives me such free and happy vibes, it has me daydreaming about days on the beach, warmer countries and good food. I thought I’d share some of my favourite summer activities, so you can get inspired and have the best summer as well!

Open air swimming is literally the only option on hot days. Find yourself an outdoor swimming pool in the woods, bring some fruits and lots of water, and fun is guaranteed. My favourite thing is the sound of happy kids and music in the background. Don’t forget to pack sun screen!

I have to admit that beaches on the weekends are very, very crowded, but also so much fun. If you got free time during the week, that would be the perfect time to go, but if not, take in the happy vibes of all those people visiting the beach on the weekends. Cocktails at the bar, a light breeze, a refreshing swim in the ocean and tanning. Sounds good to me! (Below: Beachclub Far Out, Zandvoort)

Festival vibes are my favourite vibes. Coachella may already be over, but summer has so many more festivals in store! Have a dance, grab a drink and enjoy yourself!

Something I was planning to do at least five times this summer, was having a food party with my besties! Get me some nachos, guacamole, baguettes and dips, patatas bravas and garlic mushrooms and this girl is in! Outdoor fairy lights in the backyard, chill music and a beautiful sunset and you’re good to go.

Lastly, summer nights are my absolute dream. Stargazing, a breeze, some pillows. Make sure you sleep outside at least once this summer.

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