Once we walked into the beautiful spot that is Frietboutique, we were immediately welcomed into the world of fries with open arms. Sammy and Pebbles have made this little spot into a wonderful combination of ‘high culture’ fries and a cosy place to chill.

A little overwhelmed by all the different options, we were guided through the menu by the lovely staff and eventually (obviously) chose something called ‘vegetarisch feestje’, which literally translates to ‘vegetarian party’. And I can tell you one thing, it was a hell of a party.

After ordering, we chose to walk the stairs to the cutest little seats ever, where I obviously fell in love with the pillows and adored the way the place was designed. Within minutes, our fries and snacks were brought to us. I kid you not, the fries with truffle mayonnaise were the absolute best fries I’ve ever eaten. And as I told you before, the snacks were such a party. It included typical Dutch snacks, which usually contain meat, but were made into the best veggie snacks ever. Truffle croquettes, fried ‘bitterballen’ with beets and my favourite: ‘bitterballen’ made with oyster mushrooms.

For the entire menu, opening hours and background stories, you could check Frietboutique’s website.

From upstairs we could take a look in the open kitchen, to see where the magic happens. By the way, Frietboutique has some seating options downstairs and outside, too. No time to stay? Take it away! And if you’re having a lazy night-in, it’s possible to order the delish fries without leaving the couch, using Foodora. While waiting for your fries, check Frietboutique’s Instagram page for some photos that’ll definitely get you hungrier. And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on behind-the-scenes pictures and your daily ‘fries before guys’ quotes.

Before we left, we couldn’t resist some ice cream. Tip: consider ‘grandma’s cake’, you’ll find actual cake in it.

Frietboutique is located very central in Rotterdam, especially close to Blaak train station. This makes it ideal for a shopping break or a spot to enjoy some fries in between sightseeing adventures. And to be honest, Frietboutique should be part of your sightseeing adventures.

If you know me even a little, you know that I’m the biggest fan of good food. But even though the food was absolutely great, it wasn’t my favourite thing about Frietboutique. The best thing about it was how friendly the staff was, how welcome we were and the feeling we had when walking out of the door.

So, calling Frietboutique a snack-bar would devalue the place. It’s so much more than that. It’s haute friture, served and made with love. You can taste that. It’s a lovely concept, that’s carried out with a lot of passion.

You won’t find a place like this anywhere else in the city. It’s not just the fries, it’s the good times.

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