dear 2016


dear 2016,

you have been nothing but kind to me.

at the beginning of the year, I found myself in the little snow we had. my friends unconsciously reminded me of how loved I am, which made me realise that my sense of self-worth had to make a comeback in 2016. it did.

march and april flew by. right before my birthday, I went to switzerland to see the untamed beauty of nature. I had been craving wild landscapes for a while and it absolutely cleared my mind.

summer came around and, hot days made me feel dreamy

and longing

for cold showers and the ocean.

it was the time for strawberries and mango ice cream.

road trips to the beach and warmer countries, august kissed me farewell.

summer fell into fall without me noticing it.

autumn started off slowly but surely and I had never been happier.

coffee and record players made my heart smile as the sun set to leave me absolutely stunned by its beauty.

leaves fell down and chilly mornings had me every single time. I watched the rain fall as october made room for november.

my heart went from

happy to

broken to


as I mourned leonard cohen and silently thanked him for leaving us with his poetic lyrics and wonderful music.

more coffee, autumn acoustics and the smell of cinnamon. you made me experience nostalgia like never before.

december was a month of celebration. I danced to christmas tunes and cried over all the little lights. a lot of poetry was written and you gave me one last kiss.

and you're leaving me right now, letting me fall into 2017, but I still have the photographs.

nightingale - leonard cohen

I built my house beside the wood

So I could hear you singing

And it was sweet and it was good

And love was all beginning

Fare thee well my nightingale

'Twas long ago I found you

Now all your songs of beauty fail

The forest closes 'round you

The sun goes down behind a veil

'Tis now that you would call me

So rest in peace my nightingale

Beneath your branch of holly

Fare thee well my nightingale

I lived but to be near you

Tho' you are singing somewhere still

I can no longer hear you